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Kacha Merakdim Beyisrael (That’s The Way We Dance In Israel), Song, Op. 243 No. 2 (1952)

Track 1: Variation for Voice and Orchestra performed by Shoshana Damari
Recorded in Belgium, August 11, 1964
Shoshana Damari, Voice
Moshe Vilenski, Conductor
The Belgian-Flemish Broadcasting Service Orchestra

Kacha Merakdim - Yaffa YarkoniTrack 2: Variation for Voice, Choir and Orchestra featuring by Yaffa Yarkoni
Recorded October 19, 1952
Yaffa Yarkoni, Voice
Hanan Vinternitz and his band

Kacha Merakdim - Hanna AharoniTrack 3: Variation for Coloratura Soprano sung by Hanna Aharoni…

Boa Dodi (Come, My Beloved), Song, Op. 222 (1949)

Track 1: Recorded April 4, 1956:
Hanna Aharoni, Soprano
Marc Lavry, Conductor & Piano
Kol Israel Symphony Orchestra (The Broadcasting Service Orchestra)
Note: The arrangement in this recording was created specifically for singer Hannah Aharoni who has a unique range of four octaves.

Track 2: Recorded: February 7, 1956
Shoshana Damari, Voice
Marc Lavry, Conductor
An instrumental ensemble from the Kol Israel …