JNF award for the Opera Dan Hashomer

Palestine Post November 5, 1945

Dan Hashomer JNF Prize
Palestine Post
November 5, 1945

Palestine Post
November 5, 1945

A gala performance of “Dan, the Guard” was given by the Palestine Folk Opera in Tel Aviv on Saturday night to celebrate the receipt of a special prize from the Jewish National Fund for the first original Hebrew Opera. Mr. A Kamini spoke on behalf of the J.N F. and Mr. M. Chelouche announced on behalf of the Palestine Folk Opera circle a special [£P]50 prize to the composer, Mr. Marc Lavry. Maestro Bernardino Molinari, who was in the audience, was introduced to the performers during the intermission.

Additional information about the composition: Dan Hashomer (Dan the Guard), Opera, Op. 158

Singer Bracha Zefira inspires Composer Marc Lavry

Marc Lavry was introduced to Yemenite music by singer Bracha Zefira for whom he wrote numerous arrangements. They collaborated on many performances and recordings. Lavry loved Zefira’s voice, her musicality, and was especially influenced by her repertoire. The third movement of Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1, Opus 201, is based on the song…

Al Naharot Bavel (By the Rivers of Babylon) in Dresden, Germany

…The Synagogue was packed, every seat taken. Works by Jewish composers were resurrected, reminding the audience of the systematic persecution of the Jews three quarters of a century ago. The Neue Jüdische Kammerphilharmonie Dresden invited the audience to take part in an evening of extremely thoughtful contemplation, including works by Franz Schreker, Alexander Zemlinsky, Marc…

Marc Lavry Discusses His Work

An article from the Davar Newspaper, June 20, 1939, Page 3 Article (Hebrew) Marc Lavry Discusses His Work Just before the concert of Marc Lavry’s compositions at the Jerusalem Radio concert hall tonight — the composer and conductor shared with our representative a few words about his method of composition and other topics. The fact…

The Lyrics and Music of the Oratorio Song of Songs

In 1940 Lyricist Max Brod and Composer Marc Lavry collaborated on the oratorio Song of Songs. In 1942 Brod wrote an article about his crafting of the text. The images are of the original Hebrew article he typed and sent to Lavry. When reading the book of “Song of Songs”, one can see that the…

Marc Lavry – Profile of the Man and His Musical Legacy

By: Prof. Michael Wolpe July 27, 2009 I did not have the good fortune to meet Marc Lavry. All that I know of him is derived from what I learned about him from my teachers and from musicians who were privileged to work with him, from what I read in the sparse literature discussing the…

Marc Lavry – Real Gone Cat

By Frank P. Gill, Music Writer (Estimated to have been written around 1955) That Marc Lavry, man, is a real gone cat! He digs rock ‘n’ roll, man! Lavry, Israel’s premiere serious composer, is in town to conduct the Detroit debut of his Sacred Service at Temple Beth El tonight. He is, nevertheless, a staunch…