CompositionYearOpusCategorySub Category
Emek, Symphonic Poem193745Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Woodwind Quintet, Suite for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Horn1957N/AChamber MusicWoodwinds
Symphony No. 41957268Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Three Jewish Dances for Piano1945190Solo InstrumentPiano
Kineret, Song193989SongArt Songs
Dan Hashomer (Dan the Guard), Opera1941-2158Vocal MusicOpera
Pictures from Jerusalem, Suite for Orchestra1960293Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Israeliana, Suite for Violin and Piano1955258bChamber MusicStrings
Symphony No. 2 (Independence Symphony)1950233Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Israeliana, Suite for Piano Solo1955258cSolo InstrumentPiano
Shechora Ani (I am Black) for Soprano and Piano1949137SongArt Songs
Tsror Hamor (A Sachet of Myrrh) for Soprano and Piano (From Song of Songs), Song1940137 No. 9SongArt Songs
Tamar, Opera1958276Vocal MusicOpera
Israeli Dances, Suite1947204Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Three Jewish Dances for Violin and Piano1945192Solo InstrumentViolin
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra1965344Orchestral MusicConcerti
Al Naharot Bavel (By the Rivers of Babylon) for Symphonic Orchestra193933.1Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Al Naharot Bavel (By the Rivers of Babylon) for Chamber Orchestra193933Orchestral MusicChamber Orchestra
Song of Songs, Oratorio1940137Vocal MusicOratorio
Daliat El Carmel, Rhapsody1962314Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Israeli Country Dances, Suite for Orchestra1952230Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Shir Ahava (Love Song)1950231SongArt Songs
Emek (Shir Ha-Emek), Song193540SongPopular Songs
Sacred Service, Oratorio1955254Vocal MusicOratorio
Kukiah, Variations1946186Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Queen Esther, Oratorio1959279Vocal MusicOratorio
Suite Concertante for Flute, Viola and Harp1966348Chamber MusicOther Combinations
Israeli Country Dances, Suite for Piano1952230pSolo InstrumentPiano
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 11946201Orchestral MusicConcerti
Concertino for Harp, Violin, Viola and Cello193983Chamber MusicOther Combinations
Symphony No. 1 (The Tragic Symphony)1943171Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Sacred Service, Excerpts for Children's Choir, Cantor and Organ1955254Vocal MusicOratorio
Four Pieces for Violin and Piano1950236Chamber MusicStrings
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 21947210Orchestral MusicConcerti
Variations for Piano1963350Solo InstrumentPiano
Kumi Tsee (Come Out, My Sister, My Bride), Song1954252SongArt Songs
Alei Dvai (Leaves of Sorrow), Cantata1951238Vocal MusicCantata
Concerto for Viola and Orchestra1953247Orchestral MusicConcerti
Gideon, Oratorio1962277Vocal MusicOratorio
Stalingrad, Symphonic Poem1942167Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Ima-Em (Mother), Poem1964339Orchestral MusicChamber Orchestra
Oved Admato (He that Tills His Land), Song1954255SongArt Songs
Concerto for Harp and Orchestra1963334Orchestral MusicConcerti
Al Mordot Hacarmel (On the Slopes of Mount Carmel), Symphonic Poem for Orchestra, Alto and Choir1963335Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Concertino for Kanun (Qanun), English Horn, Clarinet, Strings and Percussion1959292Orchestral MusicChamber Orchestra
March for Symphonic Band1963324Orchestral MusicSymphonic Band
Kacha Merakdim Beyisrael (That's The Way We Dance In Israel), Song1958243SongPopular Songs
Israeliana, Suite for Violin and Orchestra1955258aOrchestral MusicConcerti
Israeliana, Suite for Orchestra1955258Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Negev, Symphonic Poem1954251Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Menachem Mendel The Dreamer, Suite1940105Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Concertino for Flute and Chamber Orchestra1952245Orchestral MusicChamber Orchestra
Jerusalem, Symphonic Poem193643Orchestral MusicChamber Orchestra
Jerusalem, Symphonic Poem193743aOrchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Concertino for Harmonica and Chamber Orchestra1952245aOrchestral MusicChamber Orchestra
Three Pieces for Harp1959282Solo InstrumentHarp
Varda's Dreams for Piano1959274Solo InstrumentPiano
Suite for Cello and Piano193851Solo InstrumentCello
Five Lyrical Pieces for Harp1962313Solo InstrumentHarp
Machol (Dance), Song1955257SongChoral
Shir Roim (Shepherds' Song), Song1947208SongPopular Songs
Sipur (Story), Song1956266SongPopular Songs
General Balodis Parade March193318Orchestral MusicSymphonic Band
Menachem Mendel The Dreamer1940103MiscellaneousTheater
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra193878Orchestral MusicConcerti
Masaot Benjamin III (Benjamin the Third's Travels)193634MiscellaneousTheater
Jerusalem, Symphonic Poem1953249Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Kitatenu Balayla Tsoedet (Our Squad Marches at Night), Song1948213SongPopular Songs
Midan Ve'ad Be'er Sheva (From the Dan to Be'er Sheba), Song1947206 no 1SongChoral
Rikud Teimani (Yemenite Dance), Song1947206 no 2SongChoral
Hora, Song1950206 no 3SongArt Songs
Ein Kiyerushalayim (Nothing like Jerusalem)1947209SongChoral
Sirati (My Boat), Song193750SongChoral
Im Eshkachech Yerushalayim (If I forget thee, O Jerusalem), Song1954256SongArt Songs
Zemer (Tune), Song1959225 no 1SongPopular Songs
Festive Overture1959269Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Kineret (Sea of Galilee), Symphonic Poem1951244Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Ma Tovu (How Goodly), Song1948218SongArt Songs
Israeli Rhapsody for Accordion and Orchestra, Rhapsody1963317Orchestral MusicConcerti
Orit Mesaperet (Orit's Stories), Cantata for Children1954253SongsChildren’s Songs
Suite for Violin and Orchestra, Suite193985Orchestral MusicConcerti
Galil, Suite for Small Orchestra193862Orchestral MusicChamber Orchestra
Three Jewish Dances for Violin and Orchestra1945192aOrchestral MusicConcerti
Concerto for Two Flutes, Cello and Piano1956262Chamber MusicOther Combination
Boa Dodi, Song1949222SongArt Songs
Shir Eres (Lullaby), Song193748SongArt Songs
Ahasver (The Wandering Jew), Symphonic Poem193123Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Andante for Orchestra - Tefilah (Prayer), Orchestral Movement193121Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Eretz Israel March No. 2 (The Brigade March)1945184Orchestral MusicSymphonic Band
Chayei Adam (Life Cycle), Suite Grotesque1959290MiscellaneousOther
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra193110Orchestral MusicConcerti
Hayom Shabbat (Today is the Sabbath), Song1962319SongsPopular Songs
Shir Le’Eilat (Song for Eilat), Song1962320SongsPopular Songs
Yom Huledet (Birthday), A Children's Play in Three Scenes1951240SongsChildren’s Songs
Shnei Orchim (Two Visitors), Song1946200 no 1SongsChildren’s Songs
Parpar Aviv (Spring Butterfly), Song1946200 no 2SongsChildren’s Songs
Habuba Vehabubonet (The Big Doll and the Small Doll), Song1946200 no 3SongsChildren’s Songs
Dani Gibor (Brave Danny), Song1946200 no 4SongsChildren’s Songs
Mischak (Game), Song1946200 no 5SongsChildren’s Songs
Halamti Halom (I Dreamed a Dream)1949220SongsArt Songs
Ima-Em (Mother), Song1962318SongsArt Songs
Hikiti La'isha (I waited for the woman) (Tango), Song1959284SongsArt Songs
Mivtza Kadesh (The Text of the Order of the Day), Cantata1957Vocal MusicCantata
At Moledet (You, My Homeland), Song193877SongsArt Songs
Shalom Aleichem Mal’achei Hashalom, (Shalom upon you, O ministering angels), Song1951241Vocal MusicChoral
Zot Admati (This is my Land), Song1947207SongsArt Songs
Kach Tov Li (I Feel So Good), Song1959283SongsPopular Songs
Yeshan Machmadi (Sleep My Darling), Song1963336SongsArt Songs
Hora, Song1952243 No. 1SongsPopular Songs
Fantastische Suite (Fantastic Suite) for Orchestra19309Orchestral MusicSymphonic Orchestra
Baderech (On the Way), Song1941149SongsArt Songs
Variations for Choir and Orchestra1956Vocal MusicChoral
Jewish Suite for String Orchestra or String Quartet192917Orchestral MusicChamber Orchestra
Ma Dodech Midod (What is thy beloved more than another beloved) for Voice and Orchestra 1940137 No. 15SongsArt Songs
Me'arat Hatishbi (Elijah's Cave), Song1962316SongsPopular Songs
Boker Al Hachof (Morning on the Beach), Song1959285SongsPopular Songs
Hamaccabia Tsoedet, Song1950234SongsPopular Songs
Mi Anachnu? (Who Are We?), Song1956261 No. 3SongPopular Songs
Ro'eh Tzon (ahepherd), Song1950225 No. 2SongPopular Songs
Shir Hashririm (The Muscle song), Song1960307SongPopular Songs
The Flower Symphony1964338MiscellaneousOther
Deadline for Danny (Danny V'Aliza), Movie1954-5N/AMiscellaneousFilm and TV
Let My People Go, Movie1965N/AMiscellaneousFilm and TV