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Hora, Song, Op. 206 No. 3 (1950)

Note: This song, that begins with the words “Hora nirkoda…” is the first Hora that Lavry wrote. Two years later he wrote another Hora song Opus 243 No. 1 that begins with “Hach baregel mata, mala…

Rinat Choir live in France, 1965
Gary Bertini, Conductor

Hora for soprano and instrumental accompaniment: an arrangement Marc Lavry made especially for singer Hanna Aharoni who has a…

Hora, Song, Op. 243 No. 1 (1952)

Note: This song, that begins with the words “Hach baregel mata, mala…” was written two years after Marc Lavry’s popular Hora song Opus 206 No. 3 (Hora nirkoda…)

Hora for voice, choir and orchestra:
A recording from October 19, 1952:
Yaffa Yarkoni, Voice
Marc Lavry, Conductor
Kol Zion Lagola Choir (The Broadcasting Service Choir)
Kol Israel Symphony Orchestra (The Broadcasting Service Orchestra)

Variations: Three …