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Menachem Mendel The Dreamer, Op. 103 (1939)

Note: This version (Op. 103) is for Theater. Menachem Mendel Op. 105 is a suite written for Symphonic Orchestra.

Orchestration: 1/pic,1,2,asx,1–2,2,1,1–hp,accordion-timp+2-str

Duration: 55 minutes

Publisher: The Marc Lavry Heritage Society

Marc Lavry composed the music for Shalom Aleichem’s play that was premiered by the Ohel Theatre on October 25, 1939.
In 1940 he composed a Suite for Orchestra based on the music he originally wrote for the play.…

Masaot Benjamin III (Benjamin the Third’s Travels), Op. 34 (1936)

Recording: Not yet Available

Orchestration: 1/pic,0,1,0-1,2,1,0- per-pn-str

Duration: 40 minutes

Play by: Mendele Mocher Hasfarim

Publisher: The Marc Lavry Heritage Society


The music for Mendele Mocher Hasfarim’s play was written for the Ohel Theatre production that premiered on July 21, 1936.
Lavry orchestrated the music to suit the instruments available at the theater’s lean orchestra…

The Flower Symphony, Op. 338 (1964)

Prelude – Chavatzelet Hasharon – Hatzabar – Rakefet – Chamtitz – Zer Prachim

Recording: Not yet available

Choir: Children’s Choir

Orchestration: Woodwind Orchestra; Plucked Instruments Orchestra

Duration: 30 minutes

Publisher: The Marc Lavry Heritage Society

Lavry composed the Flower Symphony for the opening of the 1964 Annual International Flower Exhibition that was held in Haifa. The composition was written for the Haifa Children’s Choir and two local youth orchestras: …

Let My People Go, Movie (1965)

Writer, Producer and Director: Marshall Flaum

Duration: 45:40 minutes

In 1965 the David Wolper Production Studio commissioned music for the documentary epic “Let My People Go” from Marc Lavry. The film describes the struggle of the Jewish people for over 2000 years and the creation of the state of Israel.
Lavry composed the music score, conducted and recorded it in Los Angeles, California.

Anecdote: Lavry had a special gift, …

Deadline for Danny (Danny V’Aliza), Movie (1954-5)

Producer and Director: Baruch Dienar

Duration: 40:40 minutes

Synopsis: A young Israeli boy bravely fights to keep his pet cow condemned to be slaughtered during the austerity period.…