Roeh Tzon (Shepherd), Song, Op. 225 No. 2 (1950)

Ro'eh Tzon (Shepherd) - manuscript in Marc Lavry's handwriting

Ro’eh Tzon (Shepherd) – manuscript in Marc Lavry’s handwriting

Recording from April 9, 1952
Shoshana Shoshan, Soprano
Max Lampel, Piano

Solo: Voice

Lyrics: Avraham Shlonsky

Duration: 1:50 minutes

Publisher: The Marc Lavry Heritage Society

Lavry composed two of his friend poet Avraham Shlonsky’s poems.
Zemer (Tune) had become one of best known songs in the Hebrew repertoire while Roeh Tzon is still waiting for its moment to shine.

Roeh Tzon (Shepherd) from a song book from the fifties

Roeh Tzon (Shepherd) from a song book from the fifties

(transliterated from Hebrew to English)

Harochav hazeh, hamfasek nechirav
Hagova hazeh hakameha eilecha
Ha’or, hashofe’a lavnut hechalav,
Vere’ach hatzemer, vere’ach halechem.

Ulregel hatzon ve’adam, hakashav
Leron halikluk betoch shoket hamayim –
Bemachsof kol chameshet chushav
Pose’a haboker el mul tzohorayim.

Zeh boker breshit! Basadot ye’adeh
Tlalim min hadesheh uktoret hazevel.
Me’ofek ad ofek: adam – vesadeh,
Me’ofek ad ofek: ha’eder – vehevel.

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