Shnei Orchim (Two Visitors), Song, Op. 200 No.1 (1946)

Note: The song Shnei Orchim is part of a collection of children’s songs Opus 200:
No. 1: Shnei Orchim (Two Visitors)
No. 2: Parpar Aviv (Spring Butterfly)
No. 3: Habuba Vehabubonet (The Big Doll and the Small Doll)
No. 4: Dani Gibor (Brave Danny)
No. 5: Mischak (Game)

The song Two Visitor in Lavry's handwriting as it appeared in the children's magazine “Davar Li'yeladim” on Nov 2, 1949

The song Two Visitor in Lavry’s handwriting as it appeared in the children’s magazine “Davar Li’yeladim” on Nov 2, 1949

Track 1: Shnei Orchim from the Album Tikiliton – 1977
Voice: Chava Alberstein
Accompaniment: Yurik Ben-David

Track 2: Shnei Orchim for Voice and Piano – 2013
Lior Stern, Soprano
Yoav Meir Weiss, Piano

Lyrics: Shmuel Bass

Duration: 1:58 minutes

Additional details: email

In 1946 Marc Lavry chose 5 children songs by different lyricists and gathered them into one collection (Opus 200.)
Shnei Orchim (Two Visitors), a song about a couple doves, became one of the popular children songs sung in Israel to date.

Shnei Ocrhim / Shmuel Bass
(transliterated from Hebrew)

Shnei orchim li bahalon,
Halo hem yona veyon.
Mishovach asher bagan
Levakreini ba’u kan.

Rosh heni’a yon bli sof:
Boker, boker, boker tov!
Veyona hosifa hen:
Boker, boker, boker hen!

Az zarakti al hasaf
Zer’onim melo hakaf.
Yom yom bo’u ve’eten
Rosh heni’u: hen, hen, hhen!

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