Hayom Shabbat (Today is the Sabbath), Song, Op. 319 (1962)

Ronenay Hacarmel Choir
Marc Lavry (Conductor)

Variations: Three arrangements are available for the song:

  • A Cappella Choir
  • Solo and Piano
  • Solo and Orchestra

Lyrics: Michael Desheh

Duration: 1:35 minuntes

Additional details: email music@marclavry.org

Hayom Shabbat/Michael Desheh
(transliterated from Hebrew to English)

Hayom lashemesh yoter or,
Hayom raki’a ram, tahor,
Hatziporim smechot gam hen,
Velaprachim kiflayim chen.

Gam ima chaviva kol kach
Ve’aba tov umevudach,
Mekushatim kol ben uvat,
Hayom shabbat, hayom shabbat!

Shabbat shalom…

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