Shir Eres (Lullaby), Song, Op. 48 (1937)

A historic recording of the song Shir Eres for alto, choir and orchestral accompaniment:
Tsiporah Kuperman, Alto
Marc Lavry, Conductor
Kol Zion Lagola Choir
Kol Israel Symphony Orchestra (The Broadcasting Service Orchestra)

Variations: Three arrangements are available for the song:

  • Voice (Mezzo-Soprano, Alto) and Piano
  • Voice (Mezzo-Soprano, Alto), Choir and Orchestra
  • A Cappella

Lyrics: Shaul Tchernichovsky (Hebrew lyrics here)

Duration: 3:00 minutes

Additional details: email

In his article titled “Tchernichovsky in Music” musicologist Menashe Ravinah wrote about Shir Eres:
“In this song one can sense the characteristics that were considered to be distinctly Israeli and that influenced the development of Israeli art song form. There is syncopation in the bass voice; often the melody incorporates forth intervals; it starts with a second below the basic tonality and it is in Aeolian mode.
All the above are a suitable combination of an Israeli lullaby that was composed during the period of “guarding the borders” (a quote from the song that indicates the period it was written).”
[Moznayion,IV, volume 17 (1963) pg. 452]

In his opus notebook Lavry wrote that Shir Eres was used as the theme song of a 1938 movie produced in Tel-Aviv by Agafilm.

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