Kumi Ts’i (Come Out, My Sister, My Bride), Song, Op. 252 (1954)

Soprano and orchestral accompaniment:
Netania Davrath, Soprano
Marc Lavry, Conductor
Kol Israel Symphony Orchestra (the Broadcasting Service Orchestra)


Voice and piano accompaniment:
Tom Ben Ishai (Mezzo Soprano)
Daniel Kruglov (Piano)

Variations: Three arrangements are available for the song:

  • Voice and Piano
  • Voice and Orchestra
  • A Cappella

Duration: 3:10 minutes

Lyrics: Chaim Nachman Bialik

Publisher: The Marc Lavry Heritage Society

(transliterated from Hebrew to English)

Kumi ts’i achoti chala,
Kumi ts’i, Kumi ts’i —
Besorat aviv lach heveti:
Me’achorei geder gani
Nir’a tsits, nir’a tsits,
Nishma kol hadror al beiti.

Yahdav nered el hamayan,
Vechamoch, maleh roch,
Aliz, bahir ve’avriri,
Tachat shmei adonai
Im hagal ve’im adror
Yazhir af yetsaltsel shiri.

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